Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Face Shop's Favorite Collection Set Orchid Sensual Body Cleanser & Orchid Body Lotion, Seaweed Moisturing Pack

This is the final review of my sample set. It's all about The Face Shop again. Now is about Orchid Sensual Body Cleanser, Orchid Body Lotion, and Seaweed Moisturizing Pack. I had no experience with a moisturizing pack so I must read a few reviews about this. It turns out that the usage is similar to moisturizing cream, etc. I just need to put it at night, leave it until morning. Really, I thought it's a mask... (stupid me, sorry)

01. The Face Shop Orchid Sensual Body Cleanser

This body cleanser has orchid fragrance. A strong one, but it's refreshing. As usual, it doesn't get to my expectation because a bit hard to clean. I think it's very hard to find another good liquid soap, except my trusted Cow Brand (either Bouncia nor Milky series). The scent will disappear after bathing.

02. The Face Shop Orchid Body Lotion

I don't like using body lotion, hand lotion, etc because they're sticky. I don't like sticky feelings to my body, especially if I must use computer. The stickiness will linger to the keyboard, right? And it's hard to clean, not only on the keyboard, but the lotion will stick to my bed, etc. That's why I don't like using lotion, even though I need it so much because my skin is very dry from head to toe.

The Orchid Body Lotion isn't sticky. Yeah it does for awhile, but it disappeared faster than my The Body Shop Wild Rose Hand Cream (I bought the large one thanks to my co-worker, and just used it no more than a half after a year now). I dislike The Body Shop hand cream very much. But not with this body lotion. Orchid Body Lotion has soft fragrance, not too strong, but still lingers for 30 minutes or so. Though to purchase the actual one, I think I must think again. I might purchasing, but not now. I don't feel I must use a lotion, anyway.

03. The Face Shop Seaweed Moisturizing Pack

I read reviews saying to use it carefully. If it have contact with eyes, the cream will irritate our eyes. The back of it also suggested not to apply near eye and mouth. So do put it with many care, okay.

The type is transparent cream. Not sticky. The scent is refreshing. I like the scent, to be exact. I've tried using this alone at night and the result in the morning is great. It does moisturize my skin and brighten it. But sadly, since I don't know if I can use the moisturizing pack alone is useful or not, I'll stick with Etude Moistfull Collagen cream. Do tell me if it's okay to use a pack alone without cream and toner. I will buy this one if it's so, because I like stand-alone product.

Overall, The Face Shop skincare is good. The scent are soothing and refreshing, while it also has good result. The qualities are great, for example its body lotion. The Chia Seed range is also very soft, mild to the skin, while Orchid has strong fragrance. This is the list which I like from The Face Shop favorite Collection: Chia Seed Fresh Cleansing Foam, White Seed Real Whitening Essence, Orchid Body Lotion. Do try them!-I don't recommend Cottage, though.

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