Tuesday, September 15, 2015

All Canmake Makeup for Natural & Cool Beige Fall 2015

After watching many Japanese Vlogger using their all favorite brand, I've decided to try using all Canmake. Most of them nowadays are uploading either "All Canmake makeup" or "100Yen Cosme Makeup". I don't have 100 Yen cosmetic (which dominated by Daiso Ellefar) from Japan, so it's all about Canmake. Below is the picture of product I used to create this makeup:

Yeah, I know. I have too many Canmakes that I can create this look. I still have more. Been excited to try Canmake since there are just few affordable Japanese cosme here, dominated by high end brand.

I must put numbers to it to make it easy.

01. Base makeup
- First, I used Canmake Blessed Natural Primer (1). There's only Natural shade, which will mix into skincolor well. Don't be afraid to use it, it will blend naturally. It is also very good to blur some pores and stick the foundation / BB cream well.
- Then using Canmake Perfect Serum BB Cream (2) in shade #01 Light to cover imperfections. I used a BB cream to cover my redness, dullness, and a few acne marks. Because the BB cream's thick texture, I'd prefer to use this very lightly and with cushion puff.
- Top it with Canmake Marshmallow Finish Powder (3) shade #Matte Ochre so it will be matte finish and prevent oily skin. Though I like using this powder just to create matte finish (my skin is dry).

02. Eye makeup

I've longed to create winged-liner. I'm used to draw downward eyeline or don't use tail at all, just tightlining.

- For eyeshadow, I chose Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes #04 Lady Beige (4). First, I was using the shade A (You can go here to know where is shade A in the palette) as a base. And then using shade C in beige color will be good for fall. This C color is dark beige, will suit fall theme very much, as well as giving shimmers.
- I haven't finish using the eyeshadow yet. But I want to create soft look, so the next step is eyeliner. Using Canmake Strong Eyes Liner #Black (5) will give definition to my eyes. But on my upper eye, I used it to tightline around my lashes. And then create wing upward for cheerful look.
- The next step is using Perfect Stylist Eyes #04 again, in shade D (6) to blur Strong Eyes Liner on the upper eyes. And then, fill in 1/3 lower lid with D color to make shadow & bigger eyes.
- Use Perfect Stylist Eyes #04 shade E (7), the lame / pearl, on waterline to create plump eyes. But I must tell you that this isn't perfect to fill waterline because it's very sheer. The lame particle is also too little to create plump eyes. So for better result, I suggest you to use another pearly liner / shadow with full shimmers. Though I'm too lazy and just using shade E. Put E on the middle of upper eyecrease so when you close your eyes, it will be shimmery.
- Use Gokubuto Mascara Black (8) for natural volumized lashes. Try to put it only on the edge of lashes so it won't clump (I got that trick from Get It Beauty).
- Fill in my eyebrows with Canmake Eyebrow Liquid #01 Natural Brown (9). Because my brows are naturally straight, I just need to fill in between the outer corner hair and shape it longer.

03. Lip & Cheek makeup
- With Canmake Cream Cheek #CL01 (10), I put it a little bit on my cheek with my fingers. Very sheer so it's still look pink natural. Don't overdo it.
- Use Canmake Stay-on Balm Rouge #5 Flowing Cherry Petal (11) on lips and create natural pink glossy lips.

With Perfect Stylist Eyes #04 shade C, the lid is deeper, right?

I'm done with all Canmake makeup. I actually used it for Canmake ID Competition on Instagram. But I'm too shy to upload... Well, I still uploaded it though, but I've decided not to check on it anymore (I'll delete it after a few months).  Please, just don't win and then I'm afraid my picture will be posted somewhere.

I'm using this picture right now. I couldn't take all product on hands, so just these things. I know, the blusher isn't noticeable. But I like sheer finish. And using Stay-on Balm Rouge #5 is too nude. I should have use Cream Cheek CL01 again on lips.

The theme is "shimmering fall". But because I dislike shimmers, I used it only on my eyeshadow. I didn't use highlighter. And for my nose bridge, I cheated a bit using KATE Brown Shade Eyes #BR-6 Fake Shade Powder. Because that nose shading powder is the closest to my skintone, create natural finish just like my real nose, right? I must use a nose shadow no matter what, because I fill in my brows and will look more chubby with straight eyebrows.

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