Thursday, June 7, 2018

Laneige Layering Cover Cushion #13 Ivory with SPF34 / PA++ (Layering Cover Cushion) & SPF50+ / PA+++ (Concealing Base)

The new cushion from Laneige
now in the shape of an egg outside & water drop inside.
The shape is similar to Flow Fushi Ion de Cushion from Japan though.
I personally was interested in Ion de Cushion.
But it was hard to get and the price (twice this)!
This Layering Cover Cushion includes a concealer
and foundation at the same time.

Lee Sung Kyung is now a model for Laneige,
together with Kim You Jung.
 Surprisingly, I've never watch her film before,
both Sung Kyung and You Jung.

This is a 2-in-1 cushion includes:

Concealing Base SPF50+ PA+++ (2.5g)
Aqua Melting Technology: High coverage concealer in cushion
melts at skin's temperature, is gently applied to the skin and firmly attached.
Specially manufactured microporous carrier delivers a certain amount
of concealer to make perfect skin base without clumping.
UV Protection

Cover Cushion Foundation SPF34 PA++ (14g)
Illuminating Jewel Powder: Jewel powder
that gives a bright pink lighting effect when applied to the skin
makes the three-dimensional feel and vibrant tone.
Water Capture System: French sparkling water,
hydro-ion mineral water, and rich peel extracts provide a hydrating,
cooling effect that makes your skin moist and comfortable.
UV protection and Whitening

As a whole function:
 1. Perfect Cover and lasting effect without darkening
2. Rose-toned coloring provides vitality
3. Adjusts the hydro radiance/ matte finish of makeup
4. Moisturizing application without any taut feel by maximizing the moisturized feel
5. Dual-function product
- Concealing Base: UV protection
- Layering Cover Cushion: UV protection and Whitening


I could only find the lightest in #13 Ivory at online shop.
Either way, my skin might suit either #11 (whole body) or #13 (neck & hands).
So I don't really mind getting the darker tone.
There is no refill sold separately at the moment.
So you must purchase the overall cushion with case.

Pink box and rose gold case

If the text is too small, right click-open in new tab to zoom

Shape is similar to an egg?
I thought so because it's oval.
The overall look is very similar with Ion de Cushion.

Oval shape.
I think when I opened both the base & cushion,
it can slip out of my hand easily.
The grip is not firm enough for my big hand 😞

Even though the puff is water drop,
the cushion shape is round.

The upper part (ivory color) is to use concealing base, it is softer than usual.
The edge tip can reach to the side of nose easily,
but the tip itself is quite hard, stiff & hurting.
And the bottom part in beige color is for cover cushion.
There are two sides of puff, used for concealing base and the foundation.
The small part is for concealing,
the below whole part of the puff is for foundation.
It is more fragile than Laneige's previous puffs!
I think the part (label grip) to put my finger on will break fast.

 Opening the case and it's very scented!
Especially the concealing base,
it is too floral-scented and almost annoying!

Truthfully, I was afraid if the finishing would be dead matte.
Because covering foundation is usually a matte finish.
But after researching online, the finish can be applied differently.

- semi-matte : use concealing base, topped with cover cushion
- glow : use only the covering cushion
- matte : use cover cushion topped with concealing base
- full coverage : use only the concealing base.

Coverage is good.
And forgive my rough hands these days.
My hands will often being like this under hot weather everyday, 33C and above.
After 12 hours wearing it on face,
the part of acne mark showed a bit.
I think it was around 4 hours on my dry skin that I can see a bit mark.

Concealing Base:
 Though I won't ever use the concealing base for whole face,
since the size is smaller than the cover cushion.
And the finish is too matte.
My face doesn't need concealer too much.
Also, I thought the concealer would be useless.
Since after putting it under the foundation,
it would be easily melted, while patting the foundation on top of it.
But I can put it after the foundation anyway,
so keep trying to get the perfect coverage.

Result on face:

If you can't see it well, open in new tab.
For coverage of concealing base, it can be up to medium.
The concealing base is matte, with minimum glow on some part.
And sadly, the scent for both base & cover cushion is very annoying.
The scent would disappear longer than most scented cosmetic, up to 30 mins.

Even though I covered my dark eyebags with the concealing base first,
it couldn't cover it well.
I had stress the past few weeks because of work.

Cover Cushion:
The cover cushion itself does a good job to cover spots & acne mark.
The result is a glowing skin, without overly dewy.
I don't feel greasy wearing both
the concealing base & cover cushion together.
But I'd prefer wearing the cover cushion itself to cut time.
The cover cushion finishing is semi-matte.

No.13 Ivory does seems warmer than my hand skintone.
But it is almost similar with my neck.
As I've mentioned, I could use either 11 or 13 for Korean foundation,
depends on where to put it the same color.
Either my neck (my neck is darker) or the entire body. 
Forgive this silly pose...
The 1st time ever in my life.

I think the concealing base is not working very good, even for my dry skin.
Without primer, it holds around 4 hours before I can see black spots.
But it doesn't get cracked the entire 12 hours without primer!
I'm a bit amazed at the area around nose & chin.
It sticks well without getting on dry skin too.

Putting only the cover cushion.
There is not much difference in result,
except the coverage is lower than concealing base.
Need to put 2-3 pats until it can cover acne marks.
Overall, still stay for a long time without much fading / melting.

The result from it is almost the same with BB Cushion Pore Control.
It doesn't look dewy as Whitening Cushion,
and sometimes shows out my pore because of the texture.
Maybe it will do good by putting on primer / moisturizer first.

+ Covering good, with medium coverage for the base.
+ It has two products, a base and foundation at once.
+ Puff is very soft, except for the tip.
+ The case is pretty with a mirror inside too.
+ Lasts long on my dry skin without melting too much.
+ Gives natural finish look, semi-matte with glow on some areas.
+ Price is okay.
- The scent is too much.
- It is good for dry skin, but oily skin might not find it good since the concealing base doesn't stay long.

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