Monday, March 14, 2016

A'pieu Glass Gel Lip #PK01 Acai Bowl

Actually, I bought it with Secret Key Sweet Glam Tint Lip Gloss, review here. I wanted to buy a liquid lip product, especially with bold color. When I read the name of this lip stain, my mind said "Acai", which is similar to my bunny's name Mochi (but we usually calls her Mochai with chai). This PK01 is a bold pink, but I think it is the lightest color from 5 shades. I don't care, I'm especially interested on its shade's name.

The color variations:

As you can see, PK01 is the lightest color. But I don't think it is a nude one, because it gives a vivid bold finish. Thought it doesn't stay long like a lip tint, so that's why this is a lip stain. Actually, I'm also interested in RD01, but my sister said I should buy the PK01. Well, she dislike bold color indeed.

The color will look like this after putting it on lips:

Unblend and blended. It becomes softer after blending.

I think the picture is representing the true finish color. Just, I don't like putting foundation on lips, though. So I can't create a precise same color with the picture above. The finish will look like lip tint, but it can be removed. See this product on my lips:

Glossy but not sticky. Anyway, the color is red-ish pink.

What I dislike about this lip stain is its smell. An acid-like smell, but not that good for my nose. Though it will disappear quickly, it ruins everything. I'm afraid because the acid smell is like an expired liquid product would be.

But the finish on lips is pretty. I like the pink, not over showy, but still visible. It stays for a long time without eating. Though it will be erased (yes, I remembered about Boku Dake ga Inai Machi or Erased in English) if I wash with water. Don't worry, it still stayed long for a lip product.

+ Pretty bold color
+ Long staying power
+ Moisturized lips
+ Doesn't feel sticky
+ Minimum transfer to other items
+ Price is standard for a lip stain product, around Rp 138.000
- Hard to get
- Disgusting smell (though it will disappear fast)

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