Sunday, February 21, 2016

Holika Holika Nabi Cream #Vitality with SPF25 / PA++

I know Holika Holika for a long time. But this is my first time purchasing their product. Due to free delivery in Koreabuys, I blindly chose Nabi Cream #Vitality for liveliness / energetic. I was a bit nervous since the review wasn't too good. But I couldn't change my purchase so I kept waiting. There are 3 types of cream, Cottony (matte finish), Vitality (liveliness / brightening & smooth for all skin type), and Shiny (radiance & natural coverage beige color for dry skin). I wanted to choose Cottony but after thinking I should go with brighter skin, I decided to choose Vitality instead.

The three functions of those creams:

Actually, bought with the other products:

A'pieu Glass Gel Lip in shade Acai Bowl (Bought due to the weird name of the shade) and Secret Key Sweet Glam Tint Gloss (with just max Rp 20.000,- each) from Koreabuys. That Glam Tint Glow is sure very cheap! Review will be here soon.

The box and the tube are not bulky so it is easy to store anywhere. Vitality has pink tube color which depicts the liveliness well. Uh, maybe it's not lively. I think the cream just gives brightening effect. It also have butterflies drawing. A simple but cute butterflies which is not overwhelming.


It has seal.

The cream color is pink-beige, easy to spread even if I only put a little. After spreading it onto my face, I could see that this cream really brighten my dullness. But! Be careful for yellow skintone because the cream creates pink-white finish. You should topped it with beige foundation for natural skin color. Moreover, this Nabi Vitality cream won't cover imperfections because it is a primer / base. I don't know about the Shiny cream though.

The cream before blending is on the left picture. The 4 lines were drawn by K-Palette Essence in Eyebrow. After blending, some lines had disappeared. But the trace can be seen. Don't focus on those, though since Essence in Eyebrow is not waterproof.

Before and after using the Nabi cream. Redness can't be covered. But it did brighten my skin.

What I love from this cream is it doesn't make my KATE BB cream and Powderless Liquid for Cover foundation to melt into dots. My KATE Mineral Mask BB is the hardest to be mixed with other base. But with this Nabi Vitality, I don't have a problem with it. My KATE BB cream sticks well until the end of my working day. Every time I put this cream under my matte foundation (Powderless Liquid), it becomes more dewy / bright, but not sticky when being touched.

This one is using KATE Powderless Liquid for Cover. Can you see the shiny area? Powderless is a dead matte foundation in the first place. To be shiny like this is amazing.

+ Good primer that helps any cream type base makeup sticks well to dry skin.
+ Brightens face with dewy finish.
+ Prolonged foundation weartime.
+ Not sticky when touched but creates dewy look to matte foundation (Kate Powderless Liquid).
+ A little amount of product can be used for whole face.
- A bit expensive for mere primer. It is at the price of a BB cream.
- Not cover imperfections such as redness. But it's alright since Nabi cream is only a primer.

And this one is using KATE Mineral Mask BB Cream. The dewy skin is achieved! Though Mineral Mask BB is actually semi-matte. It usually only gives a slight shiny area around nose. Minimum makeup due to my fever.

Overall, Nabi cream Vitality is higher than medium primer. It is slightly good than Etude Beauty Shot. But in term of applying, I'd prefer Beauty Shot because it is less sticky. Though I might like this too and will repurchase because it is easy to get. We have Holika Holika counter nearby.

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