Thursday, May 18, 2017

Innisfree Ampoule Intense Foundation #21 Natural Beige with SPF35 / PA+++

I got a sample from buying Innisfree Real Fit Velvet Lipstick.
This is a foundation from Innisfree, Ampoule Intense Foundation.
A foundation with Jeju Green Tea Seed Oil and rich in moisture.

This foundation contains Jeju Green Tea Seed oil to give moisture and non drying skin for hours.
Each layer fits for silky skin express.
Blooming oil ingredient gives soft glowing skin.
Four shades available including cool tone C21.
It fits to all skin type.

As for me, it gives a semi-matte finish. A bit glowing on nose and cheeks but it stays matte.
 Coverage is light to medium.
I found a little bit of blemish on my right cheek coudln't be covered well.
Also my panda eyes! It can't cover it like KATE Powderless Liquid.
But it stays very long and doesn't melt / smudge.
It is soft to touch, more to matte finish.
But gives glow on a few areas.
Doesn't emphasize dry skin too.

Well. my skin is very red nowadays. I don't know why, maybe because I changed skincare every week? Left is before applying the foundation, and right is after. There is much difference..

The shade is fine, just a bit darker than my hands.
So, the #21 shade for foundation is darker than its cushion.
This is a decent foundation for light-medium coverage.
Beware if you want a full coverage because this one doesn't have it full.
But it stays long for my dry skin and creates natural finish.
I like the finishing but still think the Ampoule Intense Cushion is more good for me.
Though it is rare to see that cushion nowadays.
Anyway, I think I won't buy the full size because it is so-so.
I don't have any hate (except if you like full coverage) but it also doesn't satisfy me as a foundation.

Really love those cute earrings from Osewaya.

+ Gives semi-matte finish that won't melt on hot weather.
+ Very natural and won't make dry skin visible.
+ Stays for a long time without melting / creating dots etc.
+ Light coverage so it won't look cakey.
+ Better use with finger then finish with a sponge, not a dry one.
+ Doesn't have any scent.
+ Shade #21 fits natural skintone perfectly, unlike the cushion. But it doesn't match my skintone.
+ It fits to skin perfectly like second skin.
- People who like full coverage won't like this. This foundation is very light and even if I put a few times, it won't have full coverage.
- A bit expensive. It should be the price of a BB cream than a foundation.

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