Monday, March 23, 2015

My New Family (Doggie)

I have my new family. A male Mini Pomeranian in three colors. I named him Mogu (You know that it's a Japanese sound of eating?). All of my pets now have food meaning on it. Mochi, my mixed Dutch bunny and Pokki (from Topokki, a Korean food), the black and white bunny. Now my puppy also named with eating sound!

For history, actually, many professionals didn't approve mini version of dog, moreover a teacup size. I know that instead of Mini Pomeranian, there also exist a Super Mini Pomeranian. I don't intend to buy mini size, but considering I'm working and just my parents in home at daytime, I think the one I should have is a size that won't get too big so my old parents can hold it easily. I have bought a Chihuahua 8 months ago, but she died just a week after buying because of parvo virus.

Anyway, Mogu is too energetic and often bite my families' legs although it doesn't bleed. I've never tried putting him together with my bunnies, but Mogu doesn't like Pokki. He often woof-ing at Pokki, but never at Mochi. I wonder why? Maybe because Pokki didn't afraid of him. But actually, I have a hard time to divide the time they will play outside their cage.

Sometimes, Mogu would woof-ing because he doesn't like being in the cage. But whatever it is, I mustn't let him out if I release Pokki or Mochi. And I can't release Pokki & Mochi altogether because Pokki is in his puberty. Gosh, what a pain!

Mogu's commercial picture when I hadn't buy him. Didn't he looks like a weasel?

I'm in the middle of learning about dogs and I hope I can raise Mogu well until more than 10 years. I don't want him to experience the same thing as my Chihuahua. Uh, I can say that my doggie needs more money than me, so I don't think I can purchase anymore product for myself this month. I must wait next month to try another products! Oh no, I must buy toys for Mogu, his second vaccine, and many more! Again, Mogu needs more money & care like human baby. I'm glad Mochi & Pokki just need carrot, rice, & their pellets. Well, even though I'm sad it drains my money, but I'm happy taking care of a dog. Just be sure to keep them quiet with playing for a while.

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