Thursday, January 14, 2016

Canmake Stay-on Balm Rouge #08 Juicy Peony

I like my Stay-on Balm Rouge #05 Flowing Cherry Petal so much and afraid if it will be empty faster than my prediction. But now, I don't need to be afraid of that anymore because the Stay-on Balm Rouge range has been released here. I decided to grab another color, a darker one than #05. I was eye-ing #08 Juicy Peony and #09 Masquerade Bud. In the end, I chose Juicy Peony because it's brighter and cute. Though I will probably buy #09 too later. I won't write a long text because I have reviewed another color before.

Stay-on Balm Rouge is a lipbalm with more pigmented color than usual (my Nivea?) type. It doesn't feel sticky and too liquid-y, so it is more convenient to wear something like this than my Nivea lipbalm, which is too melting. Also, it is very moisturizing to my very dry lips. Juicy Peony' flower pattern is a darker pink than Flowing Cherry Petal.

The back of it have ingredients list sticker. Very helpful.

Sorry I took a blurry one. But it is the true color if its bullet.

The size of its bullet. It's long enough for more than 4 months if you use it everyday. But for me, I think it will last more than 6 months because I have too many lip products. Believe me. Different than Canmake Creamy Touch Rouge lipstick, this bullet is stronger. My #05 haven't melted / broken yet.

Swatch on hand:

Now, the color on my lips looks like this:

It isn't as dark as its bullet. I'm happy, though. A brighter pink than #05, but noticeable from afar. Doesn't have any different feeling of wearing it than #05 except for the color. The light feel lipbalm, the moisturizing effect, the unsticky finish are the same.

On my lips, the color is softer than its bullet. Pretty shade!

My thoughts for Canmake Stay-on Balm Rouge #08 Juicy Peony:
+ Beautiful color.
+ Moisturizing lips and not looking dry (moist inside and outside).
+ Unscented and untasted.
+ Not sticky and light on lips.
+ Different kinds of shade to choose. I'd like to try them one by one, but my fav will be #05.
+ Not too expensive (for Japanese brand).
+ Can be found easily either at store or online.
- For some people might consider pricey because it is just a lipbalm. And the price is only 580Y (around Rp 70.000) in Japan, but became more than Rp 120.000 here. But considering the transportation & tax, it is equal.


  1. The colour looks really pretty and natural on you!!
    Definitely getting one of these soon now that I've read your review.
    Was going to get it anyway cause of its packaging, I'm a sucker for cute packaging


    1. Well yeah. I like how balmy it is. It doesn't look too glossy or matte. Just stick with lips better. And there are various shades, of course with natural payoff.