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VECUA Wonder Honey -Honey Dew Pon Pon Cheek- with Puff #Hanatsubomi

Do you know this brand? If you live in Singapore, you must have known that already, because it's distributed in there. Well, I bought from online seller in Japan though. VECUA Honey specialized in making honey extracts skincare & makeup. It's mainly produced skincare for face & body. Little did I know that VECUA came from Sony. It was explained in this blog. I intended to buy this when I visit Tokyu Hands in Orchard, but I couldn't find the blusher. There was a rack for VECUA, but not for this puff blusher. I only found the cream cheek. Uh, I'm more tempted by the pon pon drawing so I don't need the cream cheek. The one I grabbed is VECUA (Wonder Honey) Honey Dew Pon Pon Cheek in shade Hanatsubomi or Flowerbud in English. There are 3 shades right now; Bara-iro (Rose), Hanatsubomi (Flowerbud/coral-pink), and Hinata-iro (Sunkissed/orange). One product is in different shape of puff, which is Shiro-usagi shippo or white bunny tail's puff. The normal puff is only in round shape fluffy puff.

This VECUA Honey's trademark picture is a bee and any other animals such as bunny, bear, bee etc. I like the bunny picture so much, so I pick this blusher. It reminds me of my bunnies. Hmm, if you ask what animal is my favorite, I can't pick between bunny or dog. But I think I'm more suitable with bunny zodiac-people such as my mom, so I'd pick bunny of course.

The product descriptions are here:

Get a sweet-cheeked look with our soft powder blush shades.  Smooth and delicate powder blushers are available in shades of colours named Rose, Sunkissed, and Flowerbud.
These cheerful spring colors create natural shades that blend well with a variety of skin colours. Add the sparkle to your face with the new blushers to give you a healthy glow.  Get all three blush colors and switch them around to suit your mood!
Introducing our powder blusher in a new set of natural colors which are easy to apply and exudes a delicate makeup look. Contains moisturizing ingredients that are gentle on skin.
As delicately pink and charmingly innocent as the tiniest flower bud, this blusher shade is designed to create a fresh and youthful glow. Contains no pearl ingredients.
  • HOW TO USE: Simply apply the velvety powder with the fluffy puff applicator to create a naturally soft look.
  • INGREDIENTS: Honey, royal jelly extract, wild rose oil (moisturizers)
Full Ingredients: Talc , hexa ( hydroxystearic acid / stearic acid / rosin acid ) dipentaerythrityl , squalane , triethylhexanoin , birch bark extract , tocopherol , Novara oil , honey , Perushiagurumi seed coat extract , royal jelly extract , BG, capryloyl glycine , dimethicone , nylon -12 , zinc laurate , water , boron nitride , sulfate Ba, phenoxyethanol , fragrance , alumina , ultramarine blue , silica , mica , titanium oxide , iron oxide , hydroxide Al, red 226 , yellow 401

If you already know of the description, then you must be tempted for honey & royal jelly extracts. It seems good for skin, right? Packaging is only wrapped by plastic without box. The case is made of unique wood-shaped painting. And of course, a cute white bunny! The bunny is staring, and that's very cute! There is a flower below it, a rose flower, adding space so it won't be too blank.

Bunny's butt. Oh my, I captured too many of this case! I like it so much, very cute & tender.

After opening its cap, I can smell the strong floral fragrance. It is cute but too strong for my nose to smell. There is white puff, fluffy and fury. A handle ribbon is attached on top in brown color, but sadly, my index finger can't fit well to the handle.

Shade Hanatsubomi is a coral-pink color, soft and easily mixed into natural skintone, without glitter. This blusher is very soft powdery and matte which is rare in Japan. They like using glitters in eyeshadow & blusher, but not dewy face. I think the pan is very small, I feel that this blusher is expensive for Rp 250.000,-!

Such a waste. The can is too empty and the pan is too thin! You'll just have it in this size.

The scent inside its packaging is very strong. But once I applied on my face, it didn't. I think it disappeared quickly, which is good. But I do think the scent is relaxing and burst out self-confidence. Just try it! Its color is very sheer. I need to tap more than 4-5 times, but the color is still sheer. Like this:

Uh, I know the color is hard to be seen because the puff is too soft! But I like using it. I should have used my finger or brush, but I love doing it with its puff. Very soft on skin. Staying powder is good enough for work. When I saw my face around 03.00PM, my SANA Maikohan Oshiroi Face Powder was almost disappear from my cheek, but not with VECUA Honey Dew Pon Pon. It stayed very well and I thought I can see it more clearly than before my powder disappeared. That's weird.. Most blusher will disappear through time such as Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush or DAISO Ellefar Princess Duo Color Cheek. Hanatsubomi itself is very cute, I feel it creates cute but natural flush. I think the pink is not bold so I can use it everyday. It might turn out to be my favorite daily blush color after I found Tony Moly Crystal Blusher #Pink Jubilee.

I thought I put it full on my cheeks. But it is not noticeable? Wore SANA Maikohan Shitaji & Oshiroi, Canmake Strong Eyes Liner Black, Canmake GOKUBUTO Mascara Black, KATE Slim Create Powder EX-1 shading color, and Etude House Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips Winter 2013 PBE102 (Whoah, almost two years!).

My thoughts on VECUA Wonder Honey Honey Dew Pon Pon Cheek in shade Hanatsubomi:
+ Cute drawing & packaging.
+ Strong floral scent but not overwhelming.
+ Soft & fluffy puff. I like it so much. It is cute. Even though it doesn't produce in bunny's tail, I think it's similar enough.
+ Matte finish, which is perfect for daily use. The coral pink is good for natural flush.
+ I feel I becomes cuter while tapping my cheek with its cute puff.
+ Tiny packaging, travel-friendly and light.
+ Have great honey ingredient.
+ Staying power is very great. It stays well even though my face powder already lessen.
- Very expensive for such tiny pan.
- The scent might be too strong for some people.
- The use of its puff might slower makeup time. You need to tap more than 5 times even on fair skin, really.

Nb: I already purchased Kanebo Coffret D'or Party Coffret (Christmas Coffret) 2015 EX-1. It supposed to be launched on Nov 16th yesterday and delivered to my country next week. But then! It contains nail care polish in a cargo so needs special handling. I'm so sad! I must wait for next month in indefinite date to grab it if I use special handling. Oh good, I wish I can throw the Nail Care Oil N. I can pictured myself that I won't use it.

 With Finni. Her fur is already fat & fluffy now. After 4 months went bald. The blush can't be seen, huh?

With SANA Maikohan Shitaji & Oshiroi as base makeup.

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