Thursday, November 12, 2015

Kanebo KATE Mineral Mask BB #OC-B with SPF30 / PA++

I bought another BB cream from KATE. This is the new type of Mineral BB Gel Cream, which I have bought twice. Mineral Mask BB is specifically for dry skin, but after using it, I think it's quiet the same. Let's see about its new packaging and formula on my post. Click more.

Mineral Mask BB consist of all black base color. The new box is different than the previous BB cream. The previous one was made of plastic, like any Japanese drugstore cosme. But the new one is made of box paper! Glad KATE is considering this.

Well, after I opened its box, I was quiet surprised to see that the tube is made of glossy plastic. Before, it was a dove tube. All in black with grey strip for "BB" text. Glossy and a bit thinner because the tube is very flexible.

I bought shade OC-B now, considering my skin became whiter than next year (Yeah, my director said that and I look ghostly in group picture now. It's due to I rarely got sunlight). Though I'm sure OC-C would also look good on me, if I want to mix into normal human skin around my friends. The feeling of its cream is a lot thicker / lumpy than Gel cream. But beside that, I don't feel any different once I put on my face. It's the same semi-matte BB cream, suits every skin condition. Shade OC-B is a bit lighter than OC-C, but still can't be compared with my other body parts, especially my legs, right? So, I guess it's almost the same tone as Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation #51 Vanille Clair, but a bit yellow-ish.

But! I'm very surprised after a few hours. I put the cream at 8.30AM and after 11.00AM, it began to create dots. The similar dots for KATE Powderless Liquid for Cover, its liquid foundation that turns into powder in 15 seconds. This dots appeared on the side of my nose and on my chin. Despite that, this can be erased by finger / tissue. It's strange though. When I can minimalize the dots with Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur for KATE Powderless, it doesn't minimalize anything for Mineral Mask BB. So I must search for another primer. Yup, it creates more work. But other than that problem, it works the same as Mineral BB Gel Cream, the older version.

When I used Hada Labo Gokujyun cream at night and put Mineral Mask BB without primer, it stills creating dots. But when I used Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream at night then Mineral Mask BB the next morning, it's amazing that the BB cream stayed well without dots. So I should use this method for cleaner application. Safe my money from using primer. So I guess it's really for dry skin, huh?

Okay, this is a bit weird since I used Sony a5100. You can see coverage ability. It covers my redness and dullness perfectly and blends well into skin.

I captured this with my LG G2 though since I was at office

My thoughts for KATE Mineral Mask BB OC-B:
+ Blend well into skin, like my natural skin.
+ Perfect shade for me, although I need shade OC-C sometimes too look more natural with my friends. Maybe, should buy OC-C if I have enough budget?
+ Coverage up, although just a tiny bit.
+ Overall have the same quality with older version.
+ Box is thicker now, but I won't put box on my shelf anyway.
+ Easy to squeeze tube.
- Glossy tube creates fingerprint.
- It creates dots around nose and chin on any primer I have, but it's not when I'm not using primer after wearing Etude House Moistfull Collagen cream all night. Missing the old formula...
- For this kind of price, Japanese BB cream tube are smaller compared to Korean BB cream. Just half Korean size, but the price is almost the same or higher.

Even though the formula is a bit confusing, I will repurchase KATE BB cream because the finishing is very natural. It's my favorite BB cream so far. And even though I intend to try Shiseido Ettusais, I'll buy it later after finishing another or two of 4-5 tubes BB from the other brand.


  1. You have such perfect skin that even without the BB Cream you still look so pretty. :D I wish my skin is as lovely as yours.

    1. Thank you very much. I didn't use makeup too until my last semester in university. But I realized I need to correct my uneven color and dry skin. So I chose a light two way cake from pigeon, which didn't stay long until 3 years ago. I'm more confident without too many makeup, though. If I put on heavy makeup, I'm afraid people will gaze at it.

      Just put a decent amount of makeup to be as natural as possible and don't get too much stress ^ ^